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About Baby2Baby

What we do...

Baby2Baby collects donations of baby and children's clothing and essential items and redistributes them to families in need in East Sussex and surrounding areas.


The process is simple: 

Donations of clothing and essential items for children aged 0 - 16 years are made to Baby2Baby. We ask that they are in excellent condition; items you would feel happy to use with your own child or those you care about. This is to ensure families feel they have received a gift from the community in their time of need, as opposed to a handout. Volunteers then sort and safety check donations ready to be gifted to families.

Referrals are made by professionals on behalf of families in need of support. This is done through our online referral form. The items requested are then put together into a carefully prepared bundle, specific to the needs of the child(ren) and family. The professional is advised when the bundle is ready for collection, and they deliver it to the family. 

There is no cost to this service for professionals who refer or the families we support. 

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Our Impact...

Financial hardship in childhood can hugely impact children, causing detriment to their health and education, as well as triggering feelings of anxiety and worthlessness. For parents, having to choose between paying rent, bills, or providing clothing and food for their children, poverty can create stress and strained relationships, often impacting mental health and overflowing into other aspects of life. 

Through the simple act of promoting redistribution and reuse, Baby2Baby gifts families in need of support with essential items for their children including prams, cots, toddler beds, clothing, toiletries, bedding and toys. Receiving these items provides an immediate improvement to their situation, provides hope, and often demonstrates kindness to some who have seldom experienced it. In addition we have feedback from professionals who have recognised an improvement in parental mental health and wellbeing on receiving a Baby2Baby bundle, which in turn, improves their ability to focus on other aspects of parenting and life. 

Central to the vision of Baby2Baby was the experience of those who would use the service; those who wished for something worthwhile to pass their much loved, but no longer needed baby and children's items on to, and of course, the families in need of support. We wanted to do more than just pass things on, we wanted families to feel good receiving them, and professionals to feel proud when handing them over. 

In the early stages of planning Baby2Baby we decided our bundles should feel like a gift. As such, we designed our gift tag logo, and have put lots of thought into the presentation of the bundles. Where possible, items are gift wrapped in recycled packaging or packaged in reusable bags. 100% of feedback we received on the presentation of our bundles recognised the care that goes in to them. 

We have gifted bundles to families experiencing challenges including low income, mental health issues, domestic abuse, homelessness (or risk of), care leavers, young parents, asylum seekers, and women who have been trafficked. Many of these families were isolated and vulnerable and were truly overwhelmed to receive such gifts.

"It's just so nice to have people just help me without any judgements" (Feedback from a Mum who received a Baby2Baby bundle).

Today, 30% of children in the UK are living in poverty. East Sussex is no exception with some areas in Hastings having child poverty rates above the national average. Baby2Baby was founded to alleviate poverty and associated adversity experienced by families in East Sussex and surrounding areas. More than 31,000 children are estimated to be living in poverty in East Sussex. That's 4000 more than last year. 




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East Sussex

Why we do it...

A child is said to be living in poverty when they are living in a household with an income below 60% of the UK's average after adjusting for family size. Two thirds of children living in poverty have at least one parent in work - but often trapped in a low paid job. 

Hastings and Rye


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Bexhill and Battle


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Poverty can have a devastating impact on children's lives. It can lead to children missing out on decent meals, sleeping in cold bedrooms, and being bullied at school, as well as drastically reducing their future life chances. 

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