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Baby2Baby is making a difference to local families, one bundle at a time. If you have received a bundle from Baby2Baby we would love to have your feedback which can be left completely anonymously, here. Thank you! 

"The family was overwhelmed and extremely happy, grateful and relieved. They said it reduced their stress in preparing for the arrival of their new baby. You provide a wonderful service which doesn't feel like 'charity' to the families, but rather, a provision of beautiful gifts which are desperately needed"


(Feedback from a keyworker). 

"I gave Mum the clothing bundle... she was absolutely over the moon! She wanted me to pass on to you how thankful and grateful she is. She was very emotional when receiving the items for herself and added she cannot remember the last time she was given anything for herself" 


(Feedback from a Social Worker). 

"You are currently the only organisation we can seek help from locally who offers these important items and I hope knowing that the items gifted have gone to homes where they will make a huge difference to the children living there will make your efforts feel worthwhile"


(Feedback from a Health Visitor). 

"I'm not used to people being so nice and willing to help me so I just don't know what to say, but I am so grateful - my little boy is so lucky " 


(Feedback from a Mum who received a Baby2Baby bundle). 

"The impact on this family is incredible...

[Mum] and [Dad] stated they did not know what to say. [Mum] was very emotional with joy. They could not afford anything like Baby2Baby had provided, their benefits just don't stretch that far... The impact on this family is incredible; a sense for the parents of having the things their baby needs, which improves their mental health enormously and decreases the stress factors on the family who have been having to think about stretching their benefits, and missing meals or bills to buy things for the baby. They are on £74 a week and have to pay all the bills and rent for their flat with this. It is really difficult for them both without supportive family around"


(Feedback from a Social Worker). 

"I am truly humbled..." 


(Feedback from a Dad who received a Baby2Baby bundle). 

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